Digital Reproduction of Medical Records

Digital Reproduction of Medical Records

Scan and Collate are specialists in the digital reproduction of medical records into a secure and easily accessible format.

With the increase in penalties recenly introduced by the ICO for breaches in Data Protection, they can help you protect your practice by providing an on-site service to digitally reproduce and encrypt your paper records and computer images.

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Service Description

Scan and Collate will visit your premises and copy your subject access records on site so nothing leaves your possession. This also means that you will not have to photocopy another record for subject access requests. They will encrypt the copy record so that the patient information is completely secure going through the postal service and put the encrypted record onto a CD for you to post.

Your postage costs will be significantly reduced as you will only be posting a thin CD which currently costs £1.75 for a recorded delivery.

Scan and Collate comply with all the requirements laid out in Access to Medical Records. They have also gone through their processes with the Information Commissioners Office and are registered with the NHS I.G. Toolkit. It is the practice’s responsibility to ensure third party information is removed from patient records being handed over to Scan and Collate.

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