The LMC Buying Group is dedicated to helping you make the most of your membership through constant development of our service to you. That’s why it’s important for us to know if you’re satisfied with the service and support we provide. Let us know your thoughts by leaving a rating/testimonial about your membership with us.

Carol Witney, Practice Manager - East Sussex
18th October 2018
The Buying Group alleviates some of the time pressures practice managers face in having to cost up different services. The LMC Buying Group is always my first point of reference. Thank you.
Shred-it - LMC Buying Group Supplier
19th July 2018
Over the last eight years we have worked very closely with the Buying Group and built up an excellent business relationship. The LMC Buying Group have been extremely supportive and have actively promoted our services and made it possible for us to have contact with their members throughout the UK. We now service over 1900 LMC members throughout the UK providing a premium service at a highly reduced rate which benefits all parties.
MIAB - LMC Buying Group Supplier
19th July 2018
The Buying Group's connection with practices, and the value it delivers for them, is excellent. Since our appointment in 2011, we've grown together, developing a partnership to deliver lasting benefits for GP practices. The support we get from the Buying Groups Federation enables our expert advisers to focus on delivering an unrivalled service of bespoke insurance and expert advice.

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