Flu Vaccines

Flu Vaccines

The LMC Buying Group has updated the information about its flu vaccine offers in light of the new guidance from NHS England (released 5 Feb 2018).

Supplied by: Mylan, Seqirus, MASTA and Pfizer

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2018-19 Offers

The Buying Group originally published its flu vaccine offers for the 2018-19 season in October 2017. At that time we gave preferred supplier status for trivalent vaccines to Pfizer and Mylan for quadrivalent vaccines. We also negotiated discounts with Seqirus and MASTA.

At that time, we ranked our preferred suppliers purely on Profit Per Dose (PPD) for ease of comparison. Other terms such as discounts on the NHS price, sale or return, reserves, early delivery etc. were also negotiated.

Following the change in advice from NHS England, practices must now give their 65 and over patients the adjuvanted trivalent vaccine (Fluad from Seqirus). Fluad is only licensed for 65s and over so cannot be given to other at risk patient groups. The advice from NHS England also stated that at risk groups including pregnant women aged 18 to under 65 must be given the quadrivalent vaccine. This is available from our suppliers Mylan and MASTA. Please register or login to see the pricing information.

Further detailed information about the policy change is available in our Community section.

The deadline for ordering the adjuvanted trivalent vaccines was in mid-April so we have now removed the Seqirus pricing.

Contact Details

Pfizer: Tel: 0800 089 4033; Email: vaccinesuk@pfizer.com

Mylan: Tel: 0800 358 7468; Email: flu@mylan.com

Seqirus: Tel: 01530 454288; Email: flu.salesuk@seqirus.com

MASTA: Tel: 0113 238 7552; Email: fluteam@masta.org

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